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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 13, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the the demonstration. also over night developments in the search for a new pope. that black smoke that tells the story. and looking outside this morning can't see much because we have dense fog. coming up we'll take a closer look at the fog and highlight a few spots that could hit 80 degrees.
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good morning. black smoke over the sistine chapel. the cardinals electing a new pope just sent a message to the world. and a graffiti threat at an eastbound high school. what was found in the girl's bathroom and how the school is responding. we're live in san jose where police say a woman was beaten and robbed at a light rail station. now they need your help in tracking down the suspects. plus a deadly crash south of petaluma. we'll take you right to the accident scene and give you an update on traffic. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. see i'm glad to have you back from vacation.
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it's wednesday, march 13th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. mark tamayo is here for steve. and it will be pretty warm in a lot of areas? >> yeah a lot of 70s on the forecast maps and a few 80s sprinkled out there. so pretty amazing for this week. rain free forecast continues as well. the biggest concern the short term is this the fog you can see the fog reports out toward santa rosa and sfo, napa, oakland. the oakland airport visibilities down to one eighth of a mile. speaking of the commute, sal is standing by. he has an update on traffic. mark, good morning. it looks like the fog we are talking about is making it to contra costa county on highway 4 here. a little bit of it. you can kind of tell even though it's still dark. on the san mateo bridge earlier this morning we didn't have a lot of fog at all. now i can barely see a couple feet in front of the camera there. the fog is moving around and it may be all over the place. let's go back to the desk.
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6:01. new developments on that fatal pickup truck crash that happened earlier this morning. we found out all the lanes on northbound 101 are open again. the crash happened at about 2:15. tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 this morning. you have the latest on the victims. tara. >> reporter: yeah. we are just south of where the accident happened now because they cleared the scene and it was too dangerous to stay there on the shoulder. now we understand one woman has died. three others survived. and that part really is a miracle. pause where this truck crashed into a ditch was extremely hard to see. especially in the dark. you can see at this hour just how pitch black it is. it took the chp several minutes to find that accident. officers say around 2:15 this morning they received a 911 call from a passenger who had been injured. if he hadn't been able to make that call who knows how long it
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would have been before authorities found that truck. it happened just north of novato, south of petaluma. the driver was driving northbound 101 when she drifted into the center divide where officers say it looked like she over corrected. >> there is drainage ditches and cattle fences. the road goes off steep feet. about 20-30 feet sometimes. >> now the woman was pronounced dead on the scene. we're told she is 31 years old out of pet law ma. three male passengers we believe to be in their 30s received major injuries. they were taken to santa rosa memorial two of them and the other one to marin general. firefighters and chp say this is the third fatal crash. and the crash is still under investigation. it's unknown whether the woman perhaps fell asleep at the wheel or if alcohol was a factor. but back here live just minutes ago a tow truck removed the vehicle and now the northbound lane of 101 is open.
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you can see traffic is flowing very nicely in both directions. we're live in moe have toe tara moriarty. happening right now it is 2:00 in the afternoon at vatican city. crowds of people have been gathering at st. peters square waiting for that big decision. we're taking you there live this morning so you can see how it looks. it's a bit drizzly and cold there in the vatican. but again people still waiting outside. around 3:40 this morning black smoke came out of the copper chimney. none of the 115 cardinals received the two-thirds majority 77 votes to become the next pope. the cardinals voted twice this morning and once last night but have been unable to pick a successor. cardinals are continuing prayers and deliberations they will hold another round or two of voting later today and we should see smoke by noon
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pacific time. i'll look to see whether it's black or white at that point. but if no pope is chosen by saturday, the cardinals will break for a day of prayer and reflection. conclaves typically elect a pope by the fifth day. the last time a conclave dragged on beyond five days was back in 1831. that is when the process took 83 ballons and 50 day -- ballots and 50 days before a pope was named. stay with ktvu throughout the morning and day. if there is breaking news in the vatican, we will bring it to you live. we'll also have a live report from italy in our next half hour and any time of day or night you can find updates at and our mobile ktvu app. a threatening message found in a bathroom at foothill high school is leading to very tight security on that campus. the graffiti threatened to shoot everyone on campus. claudine wong is there at the school with the latest on that tight security.
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claudine. >> reporter: well, we do expect increased police presence today. that's what police told the families here. this all follows a threat that was found in the girl's bathroom. we can show you a description of the graffiti. we have blurred out the expletives. march 14th obviously is tomorrow but the school sent out an automated phone call and e-mail saying the increased police presence could start today and go through the rest of the week. the e-mail tried to reassure families that the school and campus are both safe and secure and that they are working with police right now. online we have seen varied reactions from people including students and parents. some kids posted they would not be going to school tomorrow. a lot of parents for example pressed sadness that this has
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been made. a lot said the phone call they got was too vague and want more details. we put in a phone call to the pd and hoping to get more information. but at this point what we do know again this threat was made in the form of graffiti. it was discovered yesterday afternoon. the threat is expected tomorrow. but do expect extra police to be here and the school responding to it here today. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:06. police in berkeley say they made no arrest at is a march protesting the death of a transgender person involved with a clash with police. 75 demonstrators marched to the berkeley police headquarters. it was a month ago police
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responded to disturbance at a home. that person was described as 347 schizophrenic who apparently died after a violent reaction during that police confrontation. the demonstrators were pretty angry at the police as well as at the news media. some rushed toward a ktvu news camera. san jose police have release the new photos of suspects accused of violently stealing a woman's purse. janine de la vega -- we talked to someone who thinks they might know who the suspects are. >> reporter: we are here near the ray street light station. this is near where the attack happened. i just spoke with a transit security man and he said this year is usually considered safe and there is usually no problems here but police want you to be on the lookout for
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these two robbery suspects who say they work tailgate as-- boric together -- work together as a team. just after 7:00 p.m. the victim walked off the light rail, police say the female suspect then beat and punched and kicked the victim. once she was on the sidewalk. the female suspect tried to grab her purse. that is when her male counter part came and helped smash the. i spoke to a light rail. >> yeah, they have been around the rains. >> ander will she's been out there by senate they are recoo. >> reporter: you are saying they are transients? >> yeah. i believe so. i don't know for a fact.
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i would say they are always running around rob the train -- on the trains. >> reporter: have they ever bothered you? >> no. >> reporter: the female suspect is latino. coming up later we plan on trying to get in touch with police to get an update on that woman's condition as well as trying to talk to the vta about how crime is on their trains. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. our time is 6:10. let's go to sal. fog is a big issue this morning. and i know you're watching the bridges. >> we are etch whatting the bridges -- we are watching the bridges. and the fog is an issue. in an attempt to change. it wasn't foggy in some areas. when we got here at 4:30 and now the fog just moved around. let's take a look at the pictures we can see. this is highway 4. and the
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traffic does look pretty good. it is a little slow in antioch but you will see slow traffic as well on the way to concord. 680 is getting busier on the way to walnut creek. those metering lights have been switched on. this mornings drive on the peninsula 101 and 280 still look good. and parts of the coast mark tamayo my good weather buddy here will talk about the fog. right? yeah. we've been partnering up by tracking the fog. it's tough to track especially when it's dark out there. it has been moving around out there. for today dense pockets of fog but warm numbers inland. tomorrow a little cooler in the weekend. a dry forecast with partly sunny skies. current temperatures are in the upper 30s to the 40s to around 50 degrees. downtown san francisco 46 degrees. we will talk about the fog now. it has been regrouping near the coast. this is the perfect flow to move on by the bay.
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it's targeting places like richmond and albany and berkeley. and right around the bay bridge be extra careful. as far as the fog reports just updated for the 6:00 hour. you can see scattered around the bay. look at the oakland airport visibility still down to one eighth of a mile and over cast right around sfo as well. dense fog this morning. becoming partly cloudy this afternoon. we can still have a few left over patches into the afternoon hours. right around the bay we will clear things out. 68 to 73 degrees by 3:00. and the inland sections a big warmup. 77-80 degrees this afternoon. these numbers pretty warm. you can see upper 70s out toward fairfield and antioch. san francisco 67 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast minor cooling for thursday and friday with your weekend always in view. partly sunny skies. 6:12 is the time right now. disturbing child endangerment case it involves a toddler, drugs, and alcohol. also the very latest on
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cyber security posing more of a threat to the united states according to a report. more than a terrorist attack. and he wrestled away a shark with his bare hands to keep nearby children safe. why the good deed cost him his job. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:15 is the time. he was hailed as a hero last month for wrestling a shark
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away from some children at an australian beach but it appears that good deed cost paul his job. his bosses fired him after seeing the footage of him on the australian beach. that is because he was supposed to be on sick leave. he worked at a boys and girl's club in great britain. the country raised the terror threat level. it went from substantial to limited. it's the 2nd highest level. an increasing number of dutch citizens are traveling to syria to fight in the civil war and could return further radicalized. later today president obama meets with top ceo's from all over the country about a big security threat. cyber attacks. as kyla campbell reports this is getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: dave, cyber security will be in the spotlight all day here in
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washington. the house, homeland security committee holds the first of three congressional hearings today and then this afternoon ceos will head to the white house to meet with president obama. the president laid out an executive order earlier this year saying the government needs to work with the private sector to stop cyber attacks. the pentagon is now creating 13 teams to help defend the u.s. against major computer attacks from abroad. but they won't be in place for another two years. all this comes after we told you in january about a secret chinese military unit with the one priority of hacking into computers mainly here in the u.s.. >> china's massive campaign to steal technology, business practices, intellectual property and business strategies through cyber space continues and continues relentlessly. >> reporter: the federal government is worried how the cyber attacks could threaten everything from wall street to
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the countries power grid to economic growth. i'll break it down for you when i see you next hour. live in washington, kyla campbell. time now 6:17. today is day two of president obama's charm offensive on capitol hill. yesterday the president met behind closed doors with senate democrats. today and tomorrow he meets with republicans. house republican budget leader paul ryan has challenged the president to come up with a balanced spending plan. today senate budget committee chairman patty murray will unvail the democrats budget plan and the white house now says president obama will release his own budget plan the week of april 8th. a young couple is facing serious charges in a disturbing child endangerment case. police arrested 22-year-old samantha and raymond on tuesday. that arrest came after the woman's toddler was taken to the hospital with a dangerous amount of drugs and alcohol in his system. sheriffs deputies say the
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couple was drunk and high on drugs when they arrived at the home and found open bottles within reach of the child. a 24-year-old woman has been arrested accused of kicking a toddler at a playground in san francisco golden gate park. police say sabrina bell kicked the one-year-old girl in the chest on monday. she also threatened to kill children at the playground before running away. police eventually arrested bell not far from the park. the little girl suffered minor bumps and bruises and did not want to go to the hospital. time now 6:18 reports of sales of foreclosed the houses in the east bay and south bay are at their lowest levels in six years. foreclosure radar is reporting fewer and fewer homes will be foreclosed on because of an increase in short sales and loan modifications. a shortage for houses on sale are calling for bidding wars. just 366 homes were sold at
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foreclosure. that is down from more than 1,000 a year earlier. 6:19 is the time right few. let's check back in with sal. how does the traffic look? >> it's a little foggy. we know we've been talking about that. the fog is like the main story. mark tamayo and i the fog brothers this morning. we will show you pictures. but the pictures we show you the ones we can show you. some of the other pictures you haven't seen this morning if you are wondering why it's because you will be looking at black. that is because the fog is covering the lens of many of our cameras this morning. if you are drying at -- driving at the toll plaza you can see what i'm talking at. it is backed up for about a 15 minute wait before you make it to the metering lights. of course, we have our maps to help us out in situations like this. san mateo and dumbarton bridge moderate traffic but very foggy conditions. the livermore valley coming in from tracy it's pretty thick getting into livermore.
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at 6:20 let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning, to you. here's our live camera. looking out to the ktvu parking lot. the fog still in the parking lot hovering around oakland. some of the current reports out toward the north bay, santa rosa out toward aequater of a mile. oakland airport one eighth of a mile. into the afternoon how weres the clouds clear back to near the shoreline revealing mostly sunny skies. maybe a few left over patches for the coasten if temperatures away from the coast look at the numbers really warming back up upper 70s to around 80 degrees. warmest locations will be 80. here's a look at our five-day forecast. some minor changes. a little cooler for your thursday and friday. for this time of year it's still pretty warm. partly sunny skies on saturday. no rain clouds. coming up i'll let you know when we could be hiding rain
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clouds. americans increased spending in february. in fact, it's the fastest pace in five months. retail spending just came in moments ago increased 1.1% from january. half the increase is from gas prices. sales at gas stations surged 5%. that is the biggest jump since august. auto sales rose more than 1%. internet sales rose 1.6%. our time is 6:21. plummeting through the skies toward what looked like shore death. what every sky diver feels. we'll tell you what this one said yeah he survived this. also it is not hollywood, but university avenue that was filled with lights, camera, and action. please. ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. time now 6:24. see that peckture -- picture? that is a miracle. a sky diver plunged to earth the parachute didn't open but he is alive to talk about it. he was testing out a release with his stunt partner showing off his muscles outside of stockton on sunday. his shoot got tangled and he was spinning out of control. everything caught on tape. he fell for three minutes going several miles an hour before he hit the ground.
6:28 am
>> it hurt, quite a bit. which in my mind that is a really good sign. i'm really hurting. so that is a good thing. and then i tried to get up. >> yeah he landed on fresh dirt in a vineyard. he barely missed the iron stakes out there. luckily he had no broken bones only had a dislocated shoulder and bumps and bruises. palo alto felt a bit like hollywood last night. a new show called silicon valley follows the lives of six young programmers looking to become millionaires at tech startups. it has the potential to become a big hit on hbo because it focuses on how the attractive and energetic cast plays and works. >> at least a trillion dollars and it all happens here. that is why we are setting it here. >> hbo has not set an air date
6:29 am
for the pilot yet. if it is a hit you can see a lot more of the dramatic side of silicon valley. 6:26 is the time. sal. >> very interesting. >> i think a lot of people were watching that closely. >> yes, very good. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at 280 northbound as you get up to 880 the traffic looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. mark and i have been talking about the fog, it is dense in some areas. on the sunol grade it looks good as you head south. let's go to mark. we continue to track the movement of the fog in the darkness. that is even an extra challenge. but still out there near the coast and near parts of the bay. even extending inland toward concord. current numbers in the upper 30s to 40s to around 50 degrees out toward oakland. fog really moving in across the bay and bay bridge. extending out toward berkeley and richmond and albany. just be extra careful for the
6:30 am
fog heading out. dense patches. that is a big part of our forecast for this morning. clearing back to the shoreline this afternoon. there is the eventual temperature range. low 60s and 70s and the warmest locations 80 degrees. a little cooler for your thursday. no rain clouds here. beyond sunday maybe rain chances by late tuesday and into wednesday. about a week away. thank you, mark. major announcement about pope benedict xvi. and we are watching live at the vatican. the smoke that came from the sistine chapel early this morning. increased police presence expected on the campus of foothill high school in pleasant hill today. we'll tell you about the threat found on campus. if you like, then you're going to love
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is the opening bell live and some of our neighbors
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ringing the bell in new york there. silver springs network celebrating their ipo. tech company based out of redwood city. they are in the smart grid business so smart meters which has been a little controversial in some areas. but silver springs network is going public. that means they raised $81 million. that stock will start trading in bit. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. wednesday, march 13th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. it's a busy day. happening in rome the vatican announced pope benedict xvi is not planning to be the installation of the new pope once the new pope is elected. in the meantime still no pope has been selected. we have reporter craig boswell live in rome. and pardon me, craig, what is the latest there this morning? >> reporter: dave, good morning to you there. good afternoon to you from
6:34 am
here. it's 2:30 in the afternoon. you can bet by the way benedict xvi is certainly being apprised. he's being kept up to date with what is going on. so it's 2:30 in the afternoon here in rome. here's what take place the remainder of this date. in two hours the cardinals will return from lunch. they will go back in for another two rounds of voting. that is around 4:30, 4:45 rome time. three hours from that we should get the next indication that next puff of white or black smoke coming up from that chimney that has been placed on top of the sistine chapel to alert us to what they are thinking. where this vote is going if they elect a pope or if they don't. we're also told if this round of voting is inconclusive today the leader the favor is arch bishop of malian he would move down in that list and other cardinal candidates would move
6:35 am
up. that's what people close to this vote and many cardinals involved tell us. >> now while we have you here we know it's cold and rainy there. i have to assume this effected the crowds gathering outside of st. peters square. >> it effects them in the way they dress. but look, people are pouring into that square and get there early in the morning because it's clearer in the morning. plus the fact you want to get there and get the best view possible because generally what happens after a pope is elected, it's an hour or less before they are dressed and they are out on to the balcony introduced to the world. so it's pretty quick. >> fascinating. craig boswell live from rome. thank you for the update. make sure you stay right here for ktvu throughout the morning for all the coverage. you can also get the updates at and of course mobile ktvu. a scary story. there is extra security this morning at foothill high school in pleasanton. someone scrawled a threatening
6:36 am
message in one of the girl's restrooms. ktvu claudine wong is there on campus this morning where classes for some students will begin at the top of the hour but wondering if parents will send their kids to school claudine. >> reporter: you know we've been following some of the chatter about this on social media and online and there have been varied responses. threats specifically addresses tomorrow. but some people have said we don't want to go to school. the principal trying to reassure everyone that they have taken to steps to try to make this campus safe and secure. it was found in one of the girl's bathrooms here on campus. we can show you a photo of that threat. that was posted on the pleasanton patch website. you can see we've blurred out the expletive but it says i hate everyone at the school. watch me shoot everyone on march 14th. i swear to god. it looks like it's written in a black marker on the wall there. the school sent out an
6:37 am
automated phone call and e-mail after this discovery was made yesterday afternoon. telling parents there was a threat. that they have contacted police. they are currently investigating this matter with police. they also said that they would have an extra police presence today and for the remainder of the week. now they also in that e-mail the principal asked anyone with any information about who might be behind that threat to also alert the school or authorities. they have an anonymous tip line. certainly they want to figure out if there is any credibility behind this. who was responsible for it and in the meantime trying to ease fears of people coming to school and for the rest of the week. live in pleasanton claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. a pleasanton preschool is hoping to rebuild trust with parents after a teacher is accused of binding a two-year- old with masking tape. >> our preschool family, parents, everybody is highly upset. there is a lot of anxiety over an incident like this. >> more than 100 frustrated
6:38 am
parents attended a closed door meeting last night. investigators say 24-year-old angela taped a toddler's wrist and ankles after she refused to take a nap. she resigned back in january. since then the preschool director six preschoolteachers and one other teacher have all resigned. center point is working to revamp its program and reassure parents. a morgan hill preschoolteacher also has been arrested for allegedly drugging her students. she's accuse the of crushing up the substance and pouring it into the children's drinking cups. what that substance was and what is happening to that teacher now coming up at 6:45. time is 6:36. chp investigating a deadly early morning crash that happened in marin county. it happened about 2:15 near the marin-sonoma county border. tara moriarty has been on this since 4:30 this morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: one woman has died
6:39 am
but three men are still alive. that part is really a miracle. because it's very dark out here and it was very hard for authorities to find the scene of this crash. especially because it was in a ditch. so it's very hard to see. so we take a look at video that we just got in over the past hour. you can see that the tow truck removed the truck from a ditch alongside 101 northbound. officers say around 2:15 this morning they received a 911 call from a passenger who had been injured. if he http:// he --ifhehadn'tbeenabletomake -- if he hadn't been able to make that call who knows how long it would have taken to make that crash. for some reason the driver drifted. >> she may have drifted off the roadway and in an attempt to over correct. at this point we don't know if alcohol was a factor if she may have fallen asleep. >> reporter: the woman was
6:40 am
pronounced dead at the scene. we are told she is 31 years out of petaluma. three female passengers received major injuries. firefighters and the chp say this is the third fatal crash along 101 between the novato and the county line in just two weeks. the crash is still under investigation and back here live you can see traffic is moving well in both directions along 101. but for more of your bay area traffic we're going to check in right now with sal castaneda. how is it going? it's going well in many areas this morning but the fog will be an issue for a lot of drivers. so please be careful and give yourself extra time if you will be driving soon. let's do to highway 237 where the fog hasn't been low but you see slow traffic westbound as you approach this anchor road. southbound 680 getting slow. also at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup of about
6:41 am
20 minutes now. some thick fog here. i should say dense fog. once you get on to the bridge it's also foggy but the traffic does look good. if you are driving on the peninsula some fog there as well. not a lot of slow traffic on the bay shore freeway. 6:38 let's go to mark. good morning, to you. here's our san jose camera. you can see evidence of that low cloud deck. the fog making a come back here. in fact increasing in coverage over the past hour. so watch out for a drop off in visibilities in the short term. what is happening we have a layer of warm air that is pressing all that marine air close tort surface. has been transporting it back into the bay and inland values as well. here's a look at the current fog reports out toward santa rosa, san jose, oakland, and concord. look at the oakland visibility down to one eighth of a mile. that is where we see really bad visibilities.
6:42 am
it's really focused in this part of the region. that will impact your visibility. as far as temperatures in the upper 30s to the 40s to right around 50 degrees. santa rosa currently 39. san francisco 46. and hayward in the plied 40s -- in the mid 40s at 45 degrees. livermore right now reporting clear skies and sfo partly cloudy skies. forecast for today dense fog near the coast becoming partly cloudy. we could still have a few patches in your parts of the shoreline. around the bay clearing out and look at the nice temperature range. inland sections some patchy fog this morning. lots of sunshine. temperatures on track to reach the upper 70s. san francisco 67. few low 80s out toward gilroy. 80-degrees in san jose. look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view a little cooler for thursday but no major changes with partly sunny skies
6:43 am
by saturday. 6:40 is the time right now. response to the alarming rise in cell phone theft. how one bay area city is pushing the cell phone industry for big changes. and it's the tunnels that many living near half-moon bay have been waiting for. we'll tell you when the slides are expected to open. golden gate bridge and a lot of the bay area are covered in dense fog. and that may mean something for your commute. we'll tell you more about what is going on
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
good wednesday morning. time now 6:43. here are some of the top stories. from rome we are still waiting for the election of a new pope. look at the pictures there. black smoke coming out of the chimney of the sistine chapel just three hours ago. the rumors say a cardinal from malian is the favorite but the longer that vote drags on it increases the chances of a wild card or under dog becoming the new pope. back here at home a deadly crash just hours ago leaves one woman dead and three other people hurt. it happened in marin county. it happened north of novato and
6:47 am
south of petaluma about 2:15 on highway 101. the chp believes the woman driving the pickup truck swerved. she may have over corrected. her car landed in the ditch. extra security this morning at foothill high school in pleasanton. families were alerted by the school principal. published that threat. bsite it says everyone on campus will be shot tomorrow. sacramento couple is being charged with running an international phone trafficking ring worth $4 million. the 39-year-old man and his wife are accused of recruiting homeless people to buy hundreds of smart phones with fake contracts. prosecutors say the couple shipped the phones to hong kong and sold them for as much as $2,000 each. san francisco's direct attorney is pushing the cell phone industry to change how it deals with stolen phones.
6:48 am
da george gascon wants cell phone companies to disable phones that are stolen. he says that will make cell phones a less valuable target for thieves. it's a program that is already in other countries like australia. time is 6:45. a south bay preschoolteacher has been arrested for putting sleeping pills president drinks of toddlers. debra is charged with felony child endangerment. she worked at kiddie academy. an employee says gratz poured a substance into the cups the children had. she admitted it was sominxe an over the counter sleeping fill. police are investigating whether this may have happened before. two closed roanoke park schools are reopening now as completely new schools. last night the da tabi school board voted to turn mountain shadows middle school into
6:49 am
technology middle school. and the press democrat is reporting that la fiesta university will become university elementary. the long wait is nearly over for drivers on highway 1 on the san mateo county coast. cal trans has announced the highway 1 twin tunnels will finally open in less than two weeks. ktvu brian flores joins us flow from pacifica. hi brian. >> reporter: well for many the completion of the tunnels can't come soon enough. if you take a look behind me this is highway 1 as you mentioned. you can see the foggy road conditions. the tunnels are a couple miles of the road. the tunnels will make the commute a little safer. if you live out in this area mark march 25th as the devil slide tunnel. they will officially be open. cal trans made that announcement on tuesday. this is the first tunnel project in nearly 50 years
6:50 am
since the completion of the caldecott in 1964. for the residents and visitors that come out the tunnels will alleviate hazardous road conditions. the area is known to have landslides and when that happens this section of highway 1 will be closed for months at a time. isolating residents and commuters. some of whom will be forced to find other ways to get around. it also hurts local businesses as well. they also won't have to navigate some of the hair pin turns from pacifica to month terra. some of the features in the tunnel the tunnels can withstand earthquakes, it has a sophisticated carbon monoxide system. the tunnels will open on march 25th. they are also planning some type of opening ceremony for the tunnels as well. life in pacifica i'm brian flores. time now 6:48. that leads us right to sal. you've got a lot to talk about this morning.
6:51 am
>> yes. and i'm just in the process of finishing this map. we just got a new crash just a few moments ago in san francisco. at san jose avenue at the long street. very close to 280 in the southern part of san francisco. kind of a bad area and it's very serious auto verses pedestrian accident. trying to find out more but the fire department on the scene has just called for police because they say it's a dangerous area for them to be working this crash. san jose avenue at the long -- at delong. it's foggy as you can see. mark and i have been talking about the fog all morning long. and the morning drive is going to be okay. it looks like some of the fog might be reaching the south bay. right now traffic on 280 still looks good.
6:52 am
now let's go to mark. we have been tracking the fog and a development for the past ten minutes. a dense fog advisory. we do have nice pretty colors if you're not in the fog with the sunrise. but this just issued a dense fog advisory. basically for the coast, the bay shoreline, the coast south of the golden gate bridge and some of the inland valleys until 9:00 this morning. we still have pockets of dense fog outside this area as well. up in the north bay and santa rosa. this dense fog advisory issued until 9:00. here's a look at the current fog reports. san to rosa, napa, concord. oakland airport visibility down to one eighth of a mile. that fog really targeting parts of the bay shoreline. as far as current temperatures on the shoreline upper 30s to 40s and around 50 degrees. san francisco downtown 46. livermore 45. and walnut creek checking in 44 degrees. we have been watching it move
6:53 am
around over the past few hours the fog near the coast and parts of the bay. high pressure in full command of our weather. the sinking air that is warming air and today will be the warmest day of the week. that will translate to a few  low 80s well inland. still patchy fog. those temperatures in the 60s. here's the forecast model showing you the fog between now and 10:00 this morning. still a left over patches near the coastline. we could still have left over patches to the afternoon hours. the look of the 80s out toward brentwood. livermore we will go 79. oakland 73. san jose forecast high 76. and downtown san francisco in the upper 60s. 67 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. no rain clouds on this graphic but a little cooler as we do approach the weekend. boeing can go ahead with plans to redesign the lithium ion batteries used by the dream liner. all boeing 787s have been
6:54 am
grounded since january. that is after a battery fire forced an emergency landing. it will make changes to provide better ventilation and insulation of the batteries. the faa says more tests must be conducted before dream liners can be put back into passenger service. safety regulators may add more than one million gm cars for brake light regulations. they are checking into complaints about 2004 to tonal chevrolet malibus and there are complaints from 2007 to 2009 saturn aura. time now 6:52. the countdown to the super bowl of sailing. the new report on the america's cup yacht race. how it will effect the bay area economy. one golfer with quite a hole in one. he fell into a sink hole.
6:55 am
we have details of how he survived. [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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6:57 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. actually a pretty good retail report coming in this morning. but the dow down just about 24 points. the nasdaq and s & p also down
6:58 am
a quarter of a percent. time now 6:55. this firey explosion this morning in a louisiana bayou. four people were hurt. a tug boat hit a gas pipeline. that tug boat was pushing an oil barn last night about 30 miles south of new orleans. both of the vessels were engulfed in the flames when the boat hit the pipeline. four people on the tug boat were treated for injuries. one suffered severe burns. back here at home fire repairs on berkeley's famous restaurant may take a lot longer than expected. crews started rebuilding the front porch which suffered the most damage in last week's fire. at first owner alice waters hoped to have the restaurant back open by march 23rd but now the reopening has been pushed back to march 30th. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. firefighters say they think an electrical problem may be to blame. the america's cup race is no longer expected to give the
6:59 am
bay area economy $1.5 billion boost. an updated economic report will be presented to city supervisors. it estimates the yacht race will generate $900 million from the economy. that is down considerably from the $1.4 billion estimate. however the same report says it will cost the city substantially less than expected to host the big sailing event. it wasn't exactly the hole in one in illinois golfer was looking for when a sink hole opened up in the middle of the golf course and took him with it. mark was playing golf billion friends last friday at ann briar golf course at the 14th hole he noticed an odd depression in the middle of the fareway. the 43-year-old went to check it out and fell 18 feet into the ground. >> thank god i was playing with the foursome. i was 15 feet away from my buddy mike. i was talking about it and i was gone and